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Mental Money Freedom

Our desire is to simply help others whose finances or relationship with money causes them anxiety or any worry.

When financial anxiety controls you, causing daily unhappiness and making it a struggle to enjoy your life.

We're not financial experts, we are mindset coaches, we want to help get rid of your worry & fear with money.



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Meet Your Guide: Dana Ritchie

Dana Ritchie is a certified coach & founder of the Well Managed Mind.

She struggled with PTSD and panic attacks, not knowing how to stop them for years. Frustrated with how powerless she felt, Dana combined her knowledge of psychology over the years, consulted with MD's and Chinese medicine to create the Well Managed Mind technique.

The technique uses acupoints & self-talk to unlock the subconscious mind to release deep-rooted situational anxiety, emotional trauma, and negatively impactful habits & behavior that continue to damage your life.

3 Keys to Healing

  • State the Issue: Vocalizing the problem and focusing on how it is affecting you.
  • Delete the Issue: Erasing the negative impact that problem is inflicting on you.
  • Rebuilding the Issue: Replacing the space within the subconscious mind where the problem originated from with a more positive instinct/habit.


Myths & Realities

Myth : Prescriptions are the only effective way to manage anxiety with money.

Reality : Other effective treatments are available, focusing on more personal methods towards associating money in a positive light, as an alternative to consistent dosages of prescriptions.


Myth : Traditonal forms of therapy are the best method towards helping financial worries or bad habits.

Reality : Habits & Behavioural patterns mostly develop from our past, and addressing them to remove the source of the behaviour or habit in your mind can automatically shift future habits & behaviour.


Myth : Self-help techniques are ineffective, money-grabbing and based on no science.

Reality : Well Managed Mind technique is based on psychological studies of theruaptic methods such as; self-talk that enables individuals to people able to vocalize their own problems in a personal way without needing to share, and visualization which gives any person the ability to creatively find ways to State, delete and rebuild their issue.



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