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Get Back To Living Again.
Get More Confidence.
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You Can Let Go Of Your Frustration & Feel Powerful & Confident – In This Transformational “Well Managed Mind” Course How To Completely Reset Your Life


Most of us want to be happy every day!

But have you ever noticed that only a very few people are?

And we all want to be loved and appreciated, one way or another.

There's a reason for that. And it has nothing to do with what we want in life.

Many of us constantly sabotage being loved or happy. It’s not because we are not trying…. We are, but…!! It’s because we don’t know how to get there and what to do, especially if life causes us trauma and grief and throws obstacles our way. And it’s definitely not because we don’t want to, we just see other people who have love and happiness and we compare ourselves to them.

If you are like most people, there's one simple reason you haven't been able to sustain your happiness and the love you want in life.

The Truth Is, Most People Don't Know How To Love Themselves Properly Because They Were Crushed And Disappointed In The Past And They Don’t Know How To Let The Emotional Pain Go.

If you haven’t yet found what you’re looking for keep reading, you are at the right place to discover how old emotional attachments can make your life difficult today.

If you're reading this page right now, one thing is for sure – you are hungry to find a way to release stress, anxiety, anger, fear, guilt and happiness, and you urgently want to learn how to live a successful and satisfactory life.

But despite your wanting love and happiness, something is holding you back.

Maybe you feel like you're stuck, frustrated, without any real direction.

Maybe you've been taking classes and reading books on self-development but nothing has worked so far and every day you feel like your life and your sense of self is not improving.

Maybe you've even reached some level of emotional success in your life transformation – but now you feel like you've plateaued and there's nowhere else to go and you are still not as content as you were 10 years ago.

If you feel this way, you're not alone – the sad truth is, most people feel the same way.

That's because when most of us think about love and happiness, we think about what others tell us and how that makes us feel.

We all have past memories stored in our subconscious mind which includes memories of other people hurting us in the past. We have been told to be honest and good and we try, so why does it hurt so much when someone doesn’t want to love us? How are we supposed to be happy without being loved?

And if you're listening to what others outside of you are telling you is the path to love and happiness, then you're looking in the wrong place! And that's because...

The Path To True Happiness Starts On The Inside

The truth is, if you are not happy in life and you’re living your life without love and purpose, you're most likely never going to reach your potential. There's a very good chance it's not going to happen.

There's a simple reason for that. It’s called Subconscious Negative Emotions. They are the root of our unhappiness and we need to release them from our system – in other words our subconscious mind.

To really be content, people need to have a sense of purpose and meaning. If you struggle with the past, your relationships and old traumas, you might not even be AWARE that these are driving your life and your behavior right now. You're going to go through the emotions, struggles and frustration each day, simply not knowing how to fix it.

You will find yourself feeling stuck with your old stories and memories inside, frustrated with yourself for not being able to let go of the feeling of misery. You will have trouble with close relationships while feeling unhappy and unloved might become your reality. You might even get increasingly mad, fearful, guilty, sad, and anxious with grief in your own reality. It affects your intimacy and can cause communication struggles.

And to top it off you may feel stuck like this for years, simply hoping that one day life will miraculously get better.

When you start to transform your life and learn emotional health, life becomes different.

Suddenly, instead of feeling unappreciated and discouraged, you'll wake up enthusiastic and excited to start the day.

Instead of always wondering when someone will like you and make you happy, your subconscious emotions will reprogram and you will feel free of past anchors around your feet.

The best part is that it's never too late to care for your emotional health and transform your life.

Maybe something is not working for you right now or you have what we like to call emotional turbulence, feeling like you are lost on your life journey.

You are loved by your family but don’t feel happy, like there's just something missing in your life.

Or you know what you want to change but just can't figure out how and where to find the recipe.

This science-based program, Well Managed Mind can help.

It’s most up-to-date techniques available today!! It fixes your emotion in 30 minutes!

We’ll explain how this course, created by Dana Ritchie, will help you make a radical shift toward a complete life transformation. But first, it's important to understand a little bit about your teacher.

What Do Other Students Say About Well Managed Mind?

Program was great! Well Managed Mind system made me more aware of how I communicate. It had an impact on every area of my life and the positive changes are still showing up. I love the confidence and clarity I gained

Challenging tasks I had to deal with few months ago are easier to handle. My road is much nicer to walk on. I have been fan of Dana’s reprogramming for a while and I am beginning to understand the whole concept now. My self growth has been tremendous

I made a commitment to myself to change my life. First I thought I cannot reprogram on my own, it seemed easier when Dana walked us through it. But I tried and despite my negative mind I started having noticeably more confidence at work and also at home. The support given is amazing and the home works take no time, they are fun

I was sceptical at first. Then I decided to put all the tool into practice and it worked. My awareness of how my mind talks to me all day made all the difference in the world for me. Now I can shift it right away. What I loved most about the course was the positive energy we all had on the weekly calls

I was anxious and had panic attacks regularly. They stopped after the first session. The program gave me a great support and successful transition in my personal life and workplace. The system is very practical, clear and easy to follow. It definitely enhanced my confidence

My first reaction about the course was: I did not want to go to my past and get afraid about stuff I haven’t thought about in years. It was nothing like that. It was all positive and I realized that the best gift I gave myself was taking this course

The course has given me an overall confidence specially when talking to others and I am really organized at work now. Any unexpected situation coming my way – I can deal with and reprogram instantly

It’s Been 10 Years Since Dana Struggled With PTSD. Then Everything Changed For The Better. She Developed “Well Managed Mind”.

Everything in the WMM course comes from research, study, trial and error – Dana's own struggles (turning failure into victory) to get her life back while getting healthy and achieving personal transformation. This program isn't just based on theory on what it takes to be happy or loved.
Her research for the best tools out there and a system based on science took her through choosing a perfect blend of acupoints, self-talk, visualization, elements of psychology, neuroscience, Chinese medicine and cognitive behavior. She wanted to create a course that can heal thousands of people (millions is her goal) and put EMOTIONAL HEALTH on the map in our society. She spent a decade perfecting a system to heal our emotional trauma and take our life back with rising confidence, getting new opportunities in life and learning each day how to be the best version of ourselves.
She was sure until 2014 that this program was the route to happiness and love. But in February 2015, she ended up with one of the biggest emotional traumas and challenges of her life when her husband of 17 years passed away. She had an ocean of grief to deal with and no idea what lay ahead of her.
It wasn't until a year later that she realized grief cannot be controlled by her head (meaning her brain). She had told herself every day, “Dana, you should have done more today. ”She was constantly sabotaging herself and every time grief showed up (which was all the time) she was hard on herself. Until one day her girlfriend asked, “Are you reprogramming, are you doing Well Managed Mind?” Dana was stunned. She hadn’t!!! At that moment things finally clicked. She went home, reprogrammed her grief and she began healing. She stopped controlling her brain and started reprogramming her emotions instead.
Well she has taught almost four thousand students all over the world her step-by-step system to help them find a sense of purpose, passion, contentment and fulfillment in whatever they want to fix in life. Instead of struggling for years, to finally reach the mindset and personal potential they deserve.
Dana’s Well Managed Mind course will help you sidestep the painful mistakes in your journey. You will start each day excited about your life, find joy, and say ‘yes’ to love and happiness.

To Be Free Of Old Guilt Anger Fear
(Or Anxiety) Is Easier Than You Think

Letting go of the PAST, staying emotionally stable and balanced in the PRESENT, and PREVENTING worry about a future event is what we call the 3P’s.

While most of us can tell what is making us frustrated or furious today and why we are upset or sad, many don’t realize it is our subconscious mind causing us to feel this way. The subconscious is trying to figure out how to help us with past information it has stored and memorized.

It's frustrating not knowing why we cannot control ourselves. Why do others get to us or why are we feeling so blue and emotional? It's the reason so many people feel drained, exasperated, and sometimes even depressed during the day.

If you already have an idea of how to rewire your brain, good for you! You've struggled enough, it’s time to feel good about yourself and your life. The recipe for change is to let go of the past, manage present moments, and prevent worries about your future. Failure to do these three things is what is keeping you stuck, and that can be very painful and frustrating.

That's why we want to share with you the same proven system Dana uses with her students (and in her own life!) to literally reprogram your subconscious mind and find your purpose that has been within you all along.

She will share this system for letting go of those negative subconscious emotions and transfer them into a mighty engine of positive feelings so you can attain the life you've always wanted.


This is one of the most powerful programs you can find on rewiring brain, emotional health and subconscious transformation – a step-by-step system to reprogram every aspect of your life. This comprehensive course includes:
  • Live Weekly Coaching with Dana personally. 9 months of high level coaching rewiring your brain reprogramming maintaining emotional health with Well Managed Mind System – keeps you focused on succeeding
  • Digital Courses you receive login to Well Managed Mind portal where is library of courses like Bootcamp… Chronic pain course…. Principles of Well Managed Mind videos, Bonuses and Resources.
  • Most People Have No Plan For Their Personal Development. They believe their morning routine is sufficient. Or reading a book here or there. But the truth is research shows that people need a Plan. They need curriculum consistent coach who knows human development.
  • You Can Ask Questions before and after class and replay the sessions 3 months back.
  • Well Managed Mind Worksheet is printable PDF format for writing down all memories to be reprogrammed, plus your biggest learnings and the powerful progress you make in the next crucial weeks.
  • And The Best Part Is the entire program is fully online. That means no extra outlays such as hotel fees, meal expenses, travel time and other hidden fees.
  • You Can Access The Course Portal as soon as you enroll and check out with full payment.

Impressive Bonuses Included

Order Now And Get These Three Bonuses

🎁 Bonus #1

First, you’ll get access to one extra year of weekly coaching in the community of like-minded people on a variety of topics like family relationships, an entrepreneur’s mindset, your happiness, your health, work-related issues, self-esteem reset, confidence boost, cancer and Lyme disease, anxiety and more….

🎁 Bonus #2

Your second bonus is a free ticket to our annual Live Event in Vancouver at a value of $1,500. This is a fun two-day boot camp to reset your thinking and emotions, rewire your brain and pre-program your mind with the Well Managed Mind system. Let go of what is stopping you from having abundant life. You have been unable to cultivate positive habits  and vision on your own. You will undergo the ultimate transformation which will leave you with newly elevated confidence and self-esteem.

🎁 Bonus #3

Lastly, order right now and receive your own workbook with well-organized worksheets. It is a valuable aid you will frequently refer to during your work with the Well Managed Mind reprogramming sessions, as you grow personally and become the person you want to be. Dana’s students love the workbook because once they learn the Well Managed Mind system, it gives them a tangible reference to support them and reinforces the techniques they’ve learned on how to understand and reprogram old patterns that are holding them back. It allows them to follow these patterns to their original source.

Our Guarantee Is A Risk-Free 30 Days With 100% Money Back

We would like to address any hesitation you may feel and eliminate stress for you by absorbing all the risk for you. Your risk is Zero!

We understand that trying a new program like this can make you nervous – especially if you’ve tried other courses before and haven’t gotten the results you wanted. We believe in the power of the Well Managed Mind program to bring about real transformation in our students’ lives.

All you have to do is show up to coaching class or listen to the class recordings on your own time. If you find that reprogramming is not giving you the results you are hoping for, then, we have failed you. Just contact us and we’ll refund every dollar of your tuition.

We are THAT confident in this program. This course changes lives completely, and we know that once you go through it and experience this life-altering system, you will feel the same.

But you don’t have to take our word for it. Try the program for 30 days and see the results for yourself.

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  4. You will be placed in the coaching class based on the selection you pick.

Remember The First Step Towards Transforming Your Life Is Always The Scariest To Take

What we may have learned from our parents, teachers, friends, and the media during our life is in our subconscious mind and it governs us. Let’s change those patterns of old knowledge that has left us emotionally debilitated and stuck. You have the power to do just that!! You are stronger then you realize!! You are on this page now, which means there is a part of your life you’re looking to improve or change.

Maybe you need change, maybe you want to get along with a parent or partner, or maybe you just want to feel good about yourself but you’re constantly getting upset, feeling guilty, frustrated, sad, or anxious.

Or maybe you have an illness and want to let go of the many things that are on your mind in the area of relationships, spirituality or regrets, and you want to be at peace.

Or maybe you feel like you have done work on mindfulness, but something is still missing for you to reach your true potential.

You know, there is something holding you back from making a shift and transforming your life. For some of us, wanting change in our lives just doesn’t translate into the drive to actually make that change. And if you’re not yet ready to start living a life that is fulfilling your purpose, a life of happiness and love, that’s fine. Then this program is not for you.

If you are ready to transform your fear, anxiety, anger, guilt, sadness…, yet something is holding you back from taking this course…
then try to figure out where this something comes from. Get to know your objections to going forward and trust your gut and the fact that you are reading this introduction to WMM for a reason. Enroll anyway.

Because with 100% money back guarantee, there’s no reason to let your doubts hold you back from living your life the way you want and deserve to live it.

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What Happens After You Order

  1. Click the “Add To Cart” button above and you'll be taken to a Secure Checkout page.
  2. You will receive an email with link to access weekly coaching classes and Q & As.
  3. You will get an email with your password and login information to access the digital course.
  4. You will be placed in the coaching class based on the selection you pick.


Check The Answers Below To Our Most Commonly Asked Ones

The WMM system Dana developed clears the emotional trash that has collected in your subconscious over time by reprogramming your response to events. She begins by helping you to unravel and change your response to events that emotionally impacted you in the past by providing you with tools and a series of steps. Once you have rewired your brain and cleared the debris from past events, you will be able to apply the same tools to get rid of negative emotions in the present, such as doubt, fear and guilt, allowing you to respond in the best way you can to a situation. For example, instead of being intimidated by a person or a situation, you can reprogram your emotions to the situation in several minutes and create response with strength and positivity.

The WMM system works because it taps into your subconscious and reprograms your responses. The reprogrammed responses replace your old, outmoded thought patterns. The tools help you to remove the negative emotional impact of situations and memories so that the negative emotion loses its power over you while you create new positive experience.

Learning the tools and system itself takes only a few minutes. Working with them until they become second nature, however, takes more time. That is why the weekly coaching sessions are important; weekly practice gives you a chance to apply the tools to different situations and to receive feedback and support from Dana as you learn

Through acupoints, self-talk and visualization and guidance from Dana. WMM has a recipe with 4 steps and 4 points to connecting to your subconscious mind and reprogramming the old subconscious negative emotions.

Meditation focuses on calming your mind. It is 4x faster then hypnosis or other meditations. WMM actively releases negative emotions attached to experiences. The WMM system incorporates aspects of traditional Chinese Medicine, acupressure, self-talk, cognitive behaviour and visualization. Each of the selected aspects support each other. Used together, the system is designed to get rid of beliefs and emotions that limit you. The system also pinpoints and targets what is holding you back and works to reprogram your thoughts, rewire your brain to support you in reaching your goals and dreams!

The WMM system can also be used anywhere, anytime: at home or in public.

Once you register for the course, you will receive an email from Dana containing information on how to access the coaching classes. You just need to click on the link in the email to access them. You also receive a login to our course, just type in the password that will be provided.

Your session will take place every week at the same time. (There are no sessions during the months of July and August or during Spring break and the Christmas period.)

When you sign into the weekly coaching session, you will be able to see Dana. Each participant can ask questions using the chat room feature to type their questions/comments while the other students will not see who is asking. Students are also able to participate in the Q & A before and after the coaching class.

Each session lasts 90 minutes: 15 minutes Q&A at start of session; 60 minutes of instruction and reprogramming by Dana; and 15 minutes Q&A at the conclusion of session. During the 15 minutes before and after each session, you can ask Dana specific questions or raise specific issues that you wish to address. If Dana does not have an opportunity to address your questions during the session, she will respond in the chatroom afterwards.

Yes - Dana uses WebinarJam room. After you register, you will automatically be sent an email with a link and instructions on how to access your account. You will not need to download it to your computer. You can also use the software on your mobile phone.

Accessing the live coaching class is easy. You can use any browser you like. Just click on the link in the registration email you receive and you can join the session.

No. You will be able to see Dana, but she will not be able to see you nor will other participants.

If you cannot attend a session, you can submit your questions in advance and Dana will cover them during her presentation.

All of the sessions will be recorded and available only to the participants in the program. You will be able to replay the recordings as often as you need to get great results and achieve overall success. In majority of cases when you reprogram you do not need to redo or relisten. The changes are permanent except residues that are attached to different patterns and might take few more sessions to clear completely.

Each week, Dana will present material to assist participants in clearing past and current issues and to pre-program participants to support them during the week ahead.

During each session, participants will be able to share their individual concerns and issues by typing them in the chat room feature included with the software.

Dana will respond to the issues and concerns that are raised during the weekly sessions. When she responds, everyone will be able to see the answer. Dana can also respond to individuals without sharing the response with the group. The advantage of sharing the questions and answers in the group setting is that oftentimes others are experiencing similar challenges or are seeking support for similar issues.

The WMM course is annual in duration because it is the foundation course, the course in which you learn the tools that form the basis of the WMM system. You also learn and practice using the tools in different situations. Weekly coaching support what you learn and help you to cement the application of the tools into your daily life.

Weekly sessions reinforce what you are learning and how to manage new unexpected situations that might be happening to you from one week to another. They enable you to clear your past on a weekly basis and support you as you work at releasing past negative emotions/situations. Sometimes you will find that particular emotions and situations take more time to release because they are deeply embedded in your subconscious from different memories. Also, as the weeks progress, you become stronger and you will find it easier to handle unexpected situations and feelings. For example, if you wake up feeling out of sorts or a situation at work (or co-worker) upsets you, you will find that your response to the situation is different – your reaction is not as negative and you are able to let go of it more easily.

By participating in weekly sessions, you will join a group of people who are travelling down the same road as you. The group becomes a community of support as you learn the WMM system, build a solid foundation and learn how to apply the tools to different aspects of your life.

All of the sessions will be recorded. They will be made available only to the participants in the group. You will be able to replay the recordings as often as you need to get great results and achieve overall success.

Information on how you can access recorded sessions will be provided to you upon registration.

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  2. You will receive an email with link to access weekly coaching classes and Q & As.
  3. You will get an email with your password and login information to access the digital course.
  4. You will be placed in the coaching class based on the selection you pick.

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