Use Rock Solid Science to Unlock the power of your mind.
Deactivate Stress, Overwhelm and Anxiety in the center of your brain.
This process is called Subconscious Reprogramming.

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To find financial success, you must get through to understanding the power of your own mind.

This course will allow you to do that.

Covering any worries, fears, or issues regarding finances, work, or income.

The Well Managed Mind Technique will help calm those worries and strengthen your ability to be Self-Assured about your own Success.

Using Subconscious Reprogramming combined with our Offer, you can…

  • Stop your inner critic from holding you of making money.
  • Become confident, unrattled, and financially successful in your business instead of sabotaging yourself.
  • Feel prouder of your accomplishments.
  • Relieve yourself of any negative influences, become the person you want to be.
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Work-Life Satisfaction

  • Mini course that helps repel negative influence within the workplace.
  • The WMM Technique alleviates all kinds of troubles you will face at your job.
  • Abundance of videos that cover various topics relating to your confidence at work.


Well Managed Mind Theory

  • Summarized video displaying the positive effect the Well Managed Mind Technique can have on individual.
  • An analysis on multiple sessions from a past client, showing her progress overtime.
  • Documentation of the Well Managed Mind Theory’s successful effect on individuals’ problems over time.


Shield and Protect Method

  • Series of videos illustrating how to shield yourself from negative people and environments.
  • Shield & Protect method works to deflect any influences in your life that are harming your well-being or effecting your day-to-day mindset.
  • Shows how shielding daily can help improve your confidence and well-being.


Well Managed Mind Book

  • Free copy of the #1 Bestselling Book ‘Well Managed Mind’ by Dana Ritchie.
  • It will teach you how to use the Well Managed Mind system to benefit your life on a daily basis.
  • Comes with a journal-based section that will help relinquish present problems and negative inner thoughts.
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Meet Your Coach

Dana Ritchie


Dana Ritchie is a self-made entrepreneur, bestselling author, and certified coach & founder of the Well Managed Mind.

After her struggle with PTSD and frustration with panic attacks, not knowing how to stop them, Dana used her knowledge of psychology and Chinese medicine to create Well Managed Mind technique.

With the revolutionary technique that uses acupoints & self-talk to unlock the chains of the subconscious mind and people can release situational anxiety, emotional trauma, and chronic pain without getting addicted to long term use of medication.

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